disease will earn for itself the name of exedens. If lupus attack
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intestines and gives rise to gaseous distension of the abdomen.
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less marked immobility, the opposite of mydriasis; it
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Fractures of the Neck of the Femur. By Antoine Basset, Chirurgien des
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the efficacy of the mineral falts, compofed of cop-
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For most of the hospital purposes to which ' surgeon's tow '
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Air Force health care team. You'll find medicine can be a
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activity of the serum was observed after this treatment was begun.
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sented to the President and Secretaries, for the faithfut-
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21 Fournier D, TerBrugge KG, Willinsky R, Lasjuanias P, Montanera W: En-
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ing disease shouJd be available for every citizezn, by right and not
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be found in the face and head, even where there is none in the limbs.
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cluded in the list, selected with reference to their geo-
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table, a proposed amendment to the By-Laws, in relation to
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their early symptoms ; their mode of spreading in families ;
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not be settled. Here too, seeing that the disease of the glomeruli
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there be need, she may slide in her fingers under the armpits, ■
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It is painful, exhausting and dangerous to mother and child.
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returned, and she did not suffer for more than half an hour in the


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