of t' they beg leave to place before each member of the

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as a result of changes either in the force or rate of the heartbeat or

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child of gouty parents, whose first attack was occasioned by disloca-

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itself can be to some degree at least rendered harmless. We,

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preserve their bilateral symmetry ; while those which are rooted in such way that

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control and management of the property do not conform to European

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Local Authorities, the slackness of the police in carrying out

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physical and mental integrity. It is inconsistent to consider a cure com-

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sepsis, who will talk entertainingly and at length of

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^ I am indebted to Dr. Childs, secretary of the Anaesthetics Committee, Brit. Med.

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the next stage I employ iodide of potassium. I use large doses of this, up to

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River to twenty miles below; in Fremont county, along the

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See Female Surgical Regi^er, vol. iii. (1891), No. 1718.

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of 1814 and 1815, while their ships lay at anchor in the mouth of the

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charge revealed a normal right kidney without signs of

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tion does not take place freely once each day. Debility,

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wandering cells or their fate. That their participation in the

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the onset and as late as the fifteenth week. In cases which have lasted over

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the amount of solids in these ten cases, reqniriNl considerable pains

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As vesical diverticula increase in size, the mucous and peri-

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as irritant poisona. Some of them hare been need externally

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tenacious crusts upon it. He was put upon purgatives, and at first seemed

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be arrested, and the skin thoroughly dried. If the lips of the wound are

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the 14th he had gone to the water-closet, and on coming out he

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opinion but is rather a matter of inhibition. (Annals Surgery,

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deaMaladiea. 8d edit., ISmc, muatrated. Paris, fr. 8.


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