d n' will be a shadow of a b thrown by a pencil of rays diverging from x'.

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tuum.&creatxfunt- Ec Propheta inquit: £,f„.^;.j.,

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hibitors, who had entered generous classes of trotters and road-

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however, on the outer aspect of the external hamstring tendon,

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the blade is passed along the perineo-sacral gutter to the promon-

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art which does not lend itself to generalization, but, to be

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hand, but soon disappeared. To continue- the usual custom and leaving the ligatures

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fully as pain in the abdomen. I referred to this subject previously

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Affects the joints, the hinges of the body, in such a way, that

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for the treatment of the non-infecting syphilitic sore — the so-

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Limbitrol 5-12 5, initial dosage of three to four tablets daily in divided doses, for

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cause of death. Tlie supposed ovarian tumor was a medullary

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20 minims for an hour or so on the sponge of an inhaler.

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proper degree, and that the formaldehyde distributes

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osmotic pressure and a viscosity of only half or less than that of a pro-

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hundred ambulances and wasons at once, followed imme-

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measured about eight pints. She expressed herself relieved by

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pieces of metal, metal shavings, iron boot-nails, etc.

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latiou fell from 1,400 (in 1909) to 1,129 (in 1913). Miss La Motte finds this " heartbreakingly

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hejt to right, front row: R. Claytor, J. Detwiler, D. Earnhardt. Back row: T. Daily,

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term still applied by horsemen, but is probably rarely a variolous disease.

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Carvete (Canadian Practitioner) has reported the case of a woman

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of the ordinary cerebral type, constituting the combined form, hrachio-

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Post-mortem examination. — The upper lobe of the left lung was

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attending the operation, it was necessarily a tedious one ; " rapidity" in ^uch an

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stating an economic notion at all, but a fact that could be illus-

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the moment they pledge themselves to mutual fidelity and love, no

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surrounding tissues or which present sharp spicules should

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the lower temperature in Fig. 5, but the fact that we are dealing with

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development of the general symptoms of tetanus, invariably

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tiffs, the amounts being, respectively, $1,600, $700,

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cases, which do not terminate fatally until ten or four-

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makes about 2,500 pounds of butter a week, working only six days.

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is probable wxre only so many evidences of the jug-

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election shall be held on the morning of the second day of the meeting.

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