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or which we make our acknowledgments. That which relates to litho-
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produced by the friction of the metal against glass.
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well as the thumb cannot be extended, nor can the fingers be separated
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textures of the human body, to use a means for breaking them down. Dr.
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of 1 to 3 ; and when the lungs are extensively engorged, the ratio is
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35 gunthas of land about 2\ miles to the south of Belgaum. Plans were
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skin : a few months later it may form a raised oval pulsating lump, which
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a split pea, slowly spread and then begin to stand above the level of the
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The fee4 are $100— to be paid In advance. No credit given, except on sufficient secatity cif sane
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globules were deposited between the bone and the periosteum, where
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symptoms appear during the first week in 33 per cent of cases, during the
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tendent a generous salary. There never has beee a mm m Ihe UmMI
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regarded as diphtheria, and treated as such. If it be a case of lacunar
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A common sign of lead-poisoning is wrist-drop. In plumbism, as in all
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bonate of iron in strong vinegar, to be taken in doses of a teaspoonful
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\ removed from the wound during the operation. As soon as the de-
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difficult or impossible ; there may be a dry laryngeal cough. Nausea and
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cases, and especially in females, the countenance is pallid, with the
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appetite and gastro-intestinal catarrh ; complaint of a metallic taste in the
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stacle to their expansion in a line perpendicular to the centre of the
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lately received from Dr. Warren, now absent in £ngland, founded upon
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emptied, when tbe iaiomel and other laxatives may be omitted, and the
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respiratory tract — nasal passages and naso- pharynx, larynx, trachea, and
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tyrosin are occasionally present in the urine. The altered metabolism is
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a lapse of two, or at most, three weeks, the cough becomes so mild,
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the terminal points to the beards of feathers and to sword blades, and
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which could not be obtained. Consultations were held, and it was agreed,
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A pad of cotton wool dipped in a creamy solution of tannic acid 3iij.,
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the bronchial tubes continuous with tuberculous cavities are red and af-
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pounding it, and then mixing it with nearly an equal weight of its own
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15 per cent of the deaths. Other local complications, pneumonia, etc., may
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''The plan which we propose is as follows: First, to remove the
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