four different parties,, representing as many families, what we

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locating them. Now, the way I look at this operation is, if I

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to work out. A possible chain of events might be, the blow, not

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Allison College, New Brunswick; King's College, N'ova Scotia;

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an enthusiastic disciple of Dr. Salisbury, and has done probably

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It is not surprising that we find cases of catarrhal conjunc-

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from this disease, which is caused by the bad quality of

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due to Mr. Hirst — whose property they are — for allowing them to be

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It is of interest to note that in the larger series

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This case, and the facts observed in man, positively show that

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what was deemed by the ancients indispensable to a complete

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Two abundantly scaly patches, fully three centimetres in diame-

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rior maxilla and then pulls downward and forward. If behind

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character, some appearing as well-marked fibrous cords, the

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the feeble-minded in a measure self-supporting and pro-

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spondence not of a medical nature with the various corps to which

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constabulariis et omnibus fidelibus suis de curia',

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disease or accident, it may have become slightly perforated without

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ures made from time to time during the operation from

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legislation (Licensing Act, 1872, sec. 74) must be interpreted as

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noted, together with selected formulas from the pharmacopoeias of foreign countries and of

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crista incisiva, the vomer and the per]:)endicular plate of the

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continued should be noted, strong sedative Uniments should

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who when twenty-four years of age apprised the world, in his graduation

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general neuralgic state of the belly, without flooding or excessive

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Dietl : Wandernde Nieren und deren Einklemmung. Wiener

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It is obvious that the object of this tabular statement is

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tem, some chalone in Schafer's sense. That such is not the case is shown

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methods of examination may be employed with little or

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tinued to be present and in fact existed, with more or

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General Brown, commanding the post at Fort Schuyler, to

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are common in the lower animals, while in pain attacking

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the pupil irregular. Not infrequently the iris is atrophied, and it may

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no bleeding. The next morning her husband decided he wanted

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morbid anatomy of the body. The review of notable books was a

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