bouillon cultures of these organisms showed a slight rise in temperature
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was seen to be mottled. There were minute areas of normal skin color
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administered to relieve the pain of the spasms, and at the suggestion of Dr.
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The perspiration ceased not only in his feet, but also in every part
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for at least one week after the temperature has fallen to normal. Impru-
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* " On Some of the Diseases of Women admitting of Surgical Treatment."
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uniformly rounded and smooth, at first hard with soft,
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consecutive to pneumothorax of tubercular origin success-
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Acid Salieylous < '■ P. (from Oil of VVihteisreen.)
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large or small. The Dermatozoa thus living on or under the skin, pro-
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perimental inquiries have been instituted, and, I had
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23 — 28' :. American Journal of Microscopy and Popular Sci-
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? Expofit. anatom tra : tedu bas ventre, No. 623. pag. 57$.
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we can onty conclude that the tense solitary cord in
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carry on our thoughts, and this thinking by means of words becomes all
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be absorbed by the finger if care is not taken. It is usually all absorbed
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readily, and its evacuation by the knife is easily accom-
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in boys than in girls. The cause is usually indirect violence, from
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chitis, etc., and having but little confidence in its practical value for inhala-
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moles which give rise to the melanotic tumors and the tumors themselves
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Turning from the humoral idea of the nature of asthma,
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restoring a frozen person : He should be brought into a cold
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the true pelvis is shorter than that above or below. On
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polypoid — and there is excess of mucopus in the nose. The antra
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turies after Albert's time. A ready idea of Albert's
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times that crush us all so terribly. Suppose we try it, not one,
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moving the complaints which my patients labored under,
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of their husbands. With this state of apathy and aversion on the part
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Aitkyne, a barber, presumably attached to the Court, whom she desired to be
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put on the stretch, and the cystic duct easily found and
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permanent disablement will be chiefly determined by the acci-
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Rosenthal, Elisabeth Lindsey. Instructor in Medicine.
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meter, and presents on section the appearance as of normal
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Five or six cases of cholera occurred, mostly transient persons. One
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conviction that the pathological changes which take place in the
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first two or three days the temperatare is natural — subsequently the
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other step to widen the field of usefulness of the x-ray in internal
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so far advanced, as to have been visible. She awoke,


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