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three teaspoonfuls of cream according to the quality, with a

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the caecum Y You will remember that there was resonance in

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pustule excision of the primary lesion has been given up, as

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and ranged from 126 in Bristol, 127 in West Ham, and 130 in Brighton to

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five years as a Jnreign tour t Of course the question must interest our

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3. The personal predisposition to cholera is based chiefly

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trocar and a stretched drainage tube, the stretching being

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fulness which is always in season, never, perhaps, more than

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comfort themselves with the reflection that they suffer in a

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Richmond; Dr. J. F. W Tatham, Manchester; VV. H. TurnbuU, M B.,

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people, and about 12,600 died annually. The proportion of


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