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addition of the fluid extract of the stigma of maize, one drachm

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obliged to omit its use. The patient's bowels should be

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Having been under his care a whole year, without receiving any bene-

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Better yet— why doesn’t the Country held know the country

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commonly called, of either the lungs, or bowels, as the condi-

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culosis among these animals. Like much other evidence this

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use, and is mostly applied by sprinkling in the room,

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Although pneumonia was suspected, physical evidence could not

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oven and plates entirely cold, it takes about ten or

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muscles, forming the reeds and strings, and to expel them through

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Colonies 14,600 " " " pure culture of non-hemolytic

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of age and began to talk at the age of 15 months. He is now in the fourth

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or forty pills, containing each two or three grains, as I suppose,

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financial loss resulting from the epidemic so far has been consider-

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gets more than short snatches of sleep, during which the trembling dis-

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46. Disease of the Maxillary Simis. — Dr. Wiu.rich relates the case of a man,

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tration. The tunica propria does not differ in the least

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and Canada, travelling over more than 26,000 miles of

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sharpened at the points. As an antiseptic hydronaph-

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sioners met with lepers Avho not only had never eaten fish, but who did

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Karkal, Shivanand S. Instructor in Medicine. Assistant

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blood is rich in fibrine ; they recorded the fact that

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The President of the New Brunswick Medical Society, Dr.

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tion, always useful and never productive of dangerous results.

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opposite Ward's Island institution. The bill appropriates

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medical jiractitioner is perfectly familiar with the therapeutics and essentials of

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objection, and recommended that in Colchici Radix, and wherever a similar case

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about the cause of these abnormalities. Intra-uterine position —

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inflamed area, and a short distance beyond it. The parts are then cov-

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were recovered from these in forty-eight rabhits. Cultures made from

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they were eaten, all of which brings to my mind some well

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gave considerable relief. This was re(|uired only three times, however.

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their district, viz. : Public Health and Sanitation, Medical Inspec-

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an interesting paper to the Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology, London,

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father's life. I myself went on alone to the magnifi-


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