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local pain or tenderness, heat or redness, with no rise of tempera-

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150° C, or even more ; the higher the temperature the better.

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Case VIII. Discharge of pus and bloofl by mouth and

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effects, but their extraordinary and peculiar actions in indi-

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ganglionic fibers arise. If this drug is applied in a 1 per, cent solution

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child was examined, and in all that number of cases he never

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combined with bigotry, will lead one, not only to embrace opinions which

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cases attended with inflammation of the mouth and neck of the womb,

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cially require drainage. Suture and apply a dry dressing. Remove

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animaux domestiqiiefs, 1880. — 3. PuTZ, H. " M&ul und 'Klsiuenseuche," in Die Seuche7i

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water, it does not render it turbid. 100 grains dis-

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4 carrots, 2 turnips, 4 onions, i head of celery, 4 oz. of lean ham,

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gauze, and resutured the perineum. The next day the temperature had

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will be infinitel}' more important to mankind than all other

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that there are very few of these tumors that are not amen-

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two principal agencies by which this may be accomplished — namely, mechan-

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Some Reflections upon Cellular Physiology and Pathology.

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of albuminoids, and between these I am in the habit of administering

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courage to attempt dilatation of the larynx without

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face. Occurring in the septum, it is sometimes cause of sudden death.

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accurate, it may be allowable to point out one or two

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favorable period and the mortality is low. As a rule from about fifteen up to

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Locock's Pulmonic Wafers. — Lump-sugar and starch, of

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do not see how he can deny that the great artery is the

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well as from so-called sensory and motor herve-fibres — namely, those that

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8 drachms are quite sufficient. If in the canine part of our practice

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man 4 , based on eleven cases which came under his observation

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if up to the time of starting the vaccines the patient was not doing well as the

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had not. If he had used an mjection ? No, he did not

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the books close to their eyes. — Z,a?tce/, ^ nothing in common with papier mache, wax,

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and she stated that this pain and cough had been getting so much

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and interests, should admonish all parents to first control

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to a gummatous new growth, in the other to a vascular occlusion, may

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of fibers situated immediately against the external limiting mem-

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the data the average transmission time is estimated. From his results


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