to deserving persons, on application to the Overseers or
itraconazole dose for candidiasis
sky had tried the experiment of inoculating tuberculosis to see
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itraconazole dosage for ringworm
3 In some cases caused by the bacilli of type IV, Ohno found a high agglutina-
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was no actual pyorrhoea. The heart sounds were feeble and badly
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easily could be advanced during surgery to the desired level.
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with a little salt. Dip some of this out into a pan with
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the formation of gall-stones ; without their presence the organism becomes
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by the head of the operating table are placed the appliances used
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Animals killed in the slaughter house by dividing the large vessels
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Thursday vomiting took place, and was repeated during the
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dissolved in hot absolute alcohol, filtered, and allowed to cool to
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supply of nervous vitality, alcohol, seem*, to furnish, temporarily, at
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wound is dressed for the first time, when a large effusion is found
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ining a number of contracted pelves, that when the patient is placed upon
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Laramie farm alone will cover over 260 pages of foolscap^
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symptoms of gastric irritability to a considerable extent, such as vomit-
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the public is not completed in the acquirement of high attainments,
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furnishes no exception to the common lot of all original discoverers :
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Dr. Conkey, of West Superior, read a paper on "The In-
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had professional barbers to cut their hair and trim
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publication at the former rate, with the present advanced
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graze of the surface be presented, notwithstanding the existence
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in 1907, 22.807 inches on 203 days in 1906, 25.277 inches on 193
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muscle itself. If the nerve of a muscle be excited by
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surgery in precision. This, however, was an enormous mistake ; for
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them more readily (Macleod and R. G. Pearce 21 ). Experimental evi-
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money for that purpose; but they were prepared to do what
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there is a characteristic portr;iit reproduced by the autotype process.
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that died in thirty minutes, so that a rapid termination is not confined
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The editor then proceeds to comment upon the resolu-
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