discussion groups, keynote speaker and management assistance,

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and perinajura, so that rotation anteriorly must ensue, as in the first in-

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A dose of only seven and one-half grains had been taken for headache three

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after the opening was made, an enormous and hard tumor was

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covered with a ^clammy sweat ; her countenance was blanched, and her

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of the operation itself and its Heedlessness has been

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much as hearts from normal animals of the same litter. The administra-

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normal organs has failed to give anticipated relief, and has resulted

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had not taken place, the Placenta would have been previa.

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cases examined by them the organism was found in all

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who go from one outpatient clinic to another with complaints of

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The exercises used are the swinging of two 10-pound dumbbells from the

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are excellently done, the description of Rotheln being the best we

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the sternum, the third rib, the posterior axillary line,

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of an indeterminate sentence, the warden and physician in charge shall so

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are much alike. Also frogs of any weight may be used, providing

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which, rightly carried on, in the life of such meetingn.

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Worcester Physicians of Ninety Years ago." Papers will be

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Hunter, J. B., 361; ventral hernia after laparotomy, and its surgi-

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Registration. Annual report of the board of registration in Medi-

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tion of the uterus possible, whether this results from adhesions or

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years of age, who six years previously had been under

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such ready changing of doctors that etiquette on that matter is

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restoration to the normal tegumentary tissue, to sa}- notliing

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Lycopos Binnatos, £11. Bot. S. C. and Ga. i, 126 (1816).

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Food to a hungry man fortifies his life ; love to a lorn man enlarges it ;

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obtained, the edges of the scalp — which had been previously

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At the same time, the educated physicians who regularly read

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regarded the case as almost hopeless, witliout lapar-


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