tration no sweats no real effect of the drug could be noted.

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side in which there is increased temperature and sensibility and

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heart in diphtheria occurring usually during apparent con

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two of service nitroglycerin or the nitrites given in ascending doses until

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small and flattened they do not tend to cause ulceration and

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remained perfeclly well to present time. Constipation relieved is

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narily more than three or four days and is then replaced by a

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to move herself about as soon as possible and is allowed up

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munity conferred by inoculation is good for but one year

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tion. Let us first take the knee as the more frequently affected

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killed by cutting off its leaves neither is consumption

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sentative Tannegger thinks he has raised up a monument to

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locks which accumulate around the tail of the sheep

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of the globe have anything to do with the production

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orbitary region there is first irritation or inflammation in the capillar system

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and the restoration of the sickly cells to health is a

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by grippe who died twenty four hours after entering our wards.

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and restores it to a normal state. When the hypertrophy is

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teeth may be prevented by early care and proper management and quite

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very important improvement in the treatment of the diseases

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served to the States respectively or to the people.

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have changed. When these laws were adopted most medicines

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earthworm must not be overlooked it gradually reduces

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later undergo hypertrophy with a resulting increased

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Petroff s culture medium and broth and staphylococci in broth. The wound

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curvature in which considerable compression may take place. We

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way into the excretory passages such as the bronchi the intestinal canal

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under legal sanction it would not be greater than is at

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From the vomit of a beriberi patient three bacilli were isolated

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particularly among the French and Italians and among the nations

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suffocation and the lad recovered his consciousness. This showed that

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If the report of this Committee is inaccurate or unjust to Prof. Green

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of these bacilli rarely cause iufection. Mixtures of tubercle bacilli

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