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manner, hut ahout the fifth day irregularities begin to be
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■works of which they are authors, depositing a copy of each in
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of a cell in the anterior horn ; (b) a large multipolar cell in the anterior
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Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy.— - By William Russell Jones, M.
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and since oiu- results were so definite oij this phase of the problem,
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festations predominate, with convulsions and paralysis. Dryness and con-
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invention or preparation of any kind. I am, &c.
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cardia, dyspnoea, and adynamia ended in fatal collapse, although at the
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traitemeut des donlenrs ciliaires, et part iculiere-
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kidneys, the elimination of urea is interfered with, and, if the infiltration be
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posited in the superficial soft tissues of the body.
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Bristowe, " nearly all pyaemic cases die. In midwifery practice a
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women give ojf none, or at most merely appear slightly lu'
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ture and application of Surgical Apparatus, he will guarantee to
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fessors L. Devote and U. Gabbi. Reports on the progress
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They may undergo involution, are at the start pain-
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removed from the vagina, and had been attributed to a macerated foetus, T^ere
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who had died of pulmonary tuberculosis. There was one
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it a bright green colour, and if the patient is restricted to a semi-
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Klebs states that these are disintegrated tubercle bacilli.
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lected, better teachers are now engaged and sufficient appa-
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culus. At the post-mortem examination it was found that the normal
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greater in the infant in proportion to its height, than
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the opinions and statistics published by M. Pasteur,
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violent asthma in fifteen minutes, lasting twenty minutes.
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present in liie hrahh\ A\n. .x< ueil a^^ others which have a great tendene'v
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which is unquestionably a genuine bubonic plague of a
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over a year. It combines simplicity with remarkable
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tube introduced. Hot-water injections were made into
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causing simply slight swelling, and proceeding from trench to
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is nearly related, if not identical, with Korsakow's psychosis.
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the want of proper treatment on the part of the owner or
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spring in bathing as well as drinking, will accomplish
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of the radium, and also the benefit of small quantities applied over a
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Charing, in addition to such general indications as are given of its


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