vessel had already suffered from yellow fever in the "West Indies. His
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what suffices, make a mass of small pills ; take three or four
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therefore that all physicians in practice at the date of the passage
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nistration of a little brandy by a spoon from time to time, suffi-
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excision of the diseased vermiform appendix offered the only hope of cure.
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the testicle itself, at the time of this violent retraction of the cre-
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truth; but the more usual is that of the will; for all men are
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mitted to the medical convention." A vote similar to the above was
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posing cause or causes. My electrical apparatus for treating piles is
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see the back line of the leg in profile. The causes of this
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whole affair should be evenly powdered, avoiding excess ai any
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Hints and Advice for Healthy and Sick People, suggesting
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whether to mount an investigation should include a consider-
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This occa┬╗(med his removal from town, and I saw no
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in the chapel of one of the Congregational churches,
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the patients who have been operated on for perforation die subsequently of
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(e) Immobilization should always be enforced during the
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from the throat and, in the great majority of cases, control any
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It must be evident that something is urgently needed to be done
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found that in some way they had fallen into the habit of violating some of
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disorder is marked by a sthenic type; in the second, an
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dorsal artery of the foot could he felt well enough to count the
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a little there was a general perspiration and his pulse
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Each one of these substances in crystalline form may be dis-
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xiphoid cartilage. Absolute dulness over front and sides except
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ceases : either the inflammation terminates in resolution, and the
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seen attempted for it, and in convuliionH of children,
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infectious disease upon an individual in order to be successful,
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quickly, killing the patient in a few weeks or months ? We
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