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cal portion of the cord. Occasionally there has been a complete
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It is largely employed in the great Hospitals and Remedial institutioais.
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The principles of blood serum therapy have been worked out most fully
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subjects, is as follows : having bared the back, from the
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the supervision and inspection of such sheep inspector: Provided, however. That
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action of these waters, and direct their patients more care-
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small round ulcer which follows a perforated anchilops ;
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ful of it for the other glass, with a table spoonful of sugar,
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cold in the head, but after that the nose felt unusually
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for the various methods that are used in modern medicine, it will be nec-
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Ovariotomy. — Dr. Armstrong showed the Fallopian tubes
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Thigh Abductors: The positions of the subject and adjuster are the same
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which are quite as protracted. Skin rashes are rare,
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nature, possessed of the strictest integrity, his was an example
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" Kin Boitrag zur llistol. der Krosionen der Port. \'ag. Uteri.
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Emanuel S. Brodsky, Univ. Zurich, Switzerland, 1908, Westport, Conn.
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verified by Romei, has shown that when carbol is added to solution of
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It is during the first three weeks of life that especial care
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byways by which the glands become involved, and, when palpable
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highly useful in fibroid tumors and other hyperplasias.
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reputation, wishes to give to a yomig M.D. the benefit of his expe-
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other places where human beings congregate. The sanitary ar-
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generally read than those of greater length. We are sometimes
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is the ideal corset for pregnant women. Supplies upward support
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The June issue of the Gazette will be a special and enlarged
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sistent conjugate deviation of the head and eyes to the
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. to avoid nervous fatigue by providing a certain va-
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question knows that the problem is tremendously impMDrtant, that
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pacity of the individual to adapt himself, that constitutes his
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cultural Medicine— A Decade Later [Special Issue], West J Med 1992; 157:316-322


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