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penetrating power that are iven off by different tubes or by the same
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reminding one of Sanarelli s attitude toward his oppo
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for the current to pass directly through the brain in the living
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its effects the alcoholic lotion applied to the head leeches cupping merourialSy
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types which have been transplanted to Canada give an im
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no sickness of stomach except by spasm no derangement of the
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institutions. The linear footage of shelving has been increased by about
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burgh of Aberdeen furnish to their pupils continued examples on
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out any change in its shining aspect. This is most remarkable
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ings will be inserted when they are received in time.
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Pennsylvania The Journal has been very kindly favored
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sorts cannot be considered specifically abnormal certainly not
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occurred both in horses and cattle of recovery after sloughing
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becomes swollen and there is a marked remission of pain.
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eration and will only be accomplished through the influence
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ease. Dr. Yale in the report on the cholera at Blackwell s
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Dr. Putnam wished to second the motion. He felt grateful for
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Only one of the several patients afflictetl with von Reckling
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dubitably justified but much more ought to be done. The best thing
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spread professional fame and died at his residence Bich Hills near
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milk should be well boiled and meat thoroughly cooked. This precaution
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state of profound stupor. This case is interesting from other points of view
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