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towards evening. Sometimes the attack is preceded by depression

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suppleness and mobility and did not participate at all in the deep inflammation.

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Under the influence of this remedy the circle of constriction relaxed dilated and

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If the view that eye strain is a frequent cause of func

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their first consideration on meeting with a case presenting con

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which agree with dependencies listed in a recent history of the subject.

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treat the cause of disease we are like the person who

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It is to be hoped that one practical result of Laveran s observations

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ber. Complains principally of constipation. Never has a

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caution in patients who have previously exhibited sever

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bath tub may be covered with a sheet or blanket. Plac

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are liable to be chilled after being heated at work. Sud

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accentuation of second pulmonic sound pulmonary congestion ensues

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of the type that affords no clinical evidence of constitutional

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cluded and all dangers of subsequent relapse practically eliminated

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conditions is present and the other develops the patient s condition

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anism of the instrument is brought into play and the adenoid

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Cases of Infectious Diseases under Treatment in Dublin

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so great that the cells in the center are deprived of their

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In this edition Dr. Roberts no longer gives Prof. Haughton s method

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Gralton. On the physical side his anthropometrical researches furnish

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the application of which he prefers a spray and when the

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was suture of the associated gastric perforation at

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purative nephritis of the left kidney caused by the ulceration of large

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experimental infections seems to depend on a lowering of the alkali

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acid are symptoms common to both. If the examination of the blood

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Dr. M. son believed that it was due to the shorten

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just mentioned to the problems of diagnosis and treatment as he actually meets

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added or iced coffee may be given especially when the stomach is

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often followed by a prompt but transient reduction in the fever.

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mation as the latter process may recur in this locality.

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The incision and point of opening of the kidney were

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