no good to have a pair of scales by which we could weigh our

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twenty-four hours, after which, with a warm atmosphere, the

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drawn down to the palm, looking like a Dupuytren's con-

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of tanbark. Its lower branches are somewhat drooping, and the dense, rather

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agnostischen Werth. Oesterreich. Zeitschr.f. wissen. Tierheilk., vi, 1894, S. 106.

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Captain and Assistant Surgeon, will report in person, at 11 o'clock

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into lobes can be mapped out as follows : — A line drawn from the

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Whitmore and his coworkers^^* 24 ^^ve recently pubhshed their

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drain or into a cemented receptacle (Fig. 130, i), from which

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the treatment of cancer, angiomata, keloids, local tubercu-

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drafts of acts to carry into effect the suggestions made in regard

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origin in one of the ribs below the breast and pectoral muscles. The same dis-

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1. Composition and comparative cost of prepared cereal

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skin, and contains the blood-vessels, nerves, sebaceous and sweat

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mixed cataract, semisoft cataract ; it shares the pro-

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fever has considerably subsided, from three-quarters to one and

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rectified spirit, a sufficient quantity. Macerate the

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hranace^ and •parenchyinatofcs^ was here under the-

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General Nutrition. — Although the patient's general nutrition may be

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discharge, the amount growing less each day, up to the present

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intensity of the first sound at the apex is double that of the

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tures in nutrient gelatine or plain nutrient agar. Only in the last two

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