wound was seen to be contracting veiy fast. From this

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E. A. Peters has operated on four cases of mastoid disease occurring

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regular intervals increase, and recur with characters more or less

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specific, and such a one as can be trusted in, and depended

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of the body, the condition of the structures which are injured by

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to keep the long axis of the bullet always in the same direction,

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patient's husband, as a warning against the practice of

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tal course. It is often complicated by an extensive pro-

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writer were worthy of special study. They were entitled " A Personal

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4. A further study on the biologic classification of pneumococci, /. Exp.

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yellow spots will develop. This factor seems to be highly specific,

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face to apply the ear to, veterinarians usually lay a handkerchief on such

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have been considering this question. Whitewash, which

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genome but consisting of numerous small pieces. The DNA is then allowed to

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tubes; for if it were propagated along the walls of the trachea, it

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point at each end and sealed in a blowpipe flame, the

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grains of vanillin and one ounce of absolute alcohol. The

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The Pbactitioner's Guide to Clinical Research, Alphabetically arranged in Sections.

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the 03 is a very recent one. and has now only partially

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of venous thrombosis. Surg. Gynec. & Obst., 84:659-664,

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rhagic form of typhus fever from the similar form of smallpox, as either may

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limits I have assigned to this article: a few remarks must therefore

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and then spread widely, in tiny fragments, almost in the same manner

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course. When a horse is in health, the medicine ge-

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fatality 30.9 per cent (corrected 24.4 per cent), and 72 associated, fatality

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phagoc}'tes. — Candian Journal of Medicine &*

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not be given unless the membrane becomes loose, which can

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in cases of empyema ought to vary according to circumstances, and according

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As soon as mid-day is past, the solicitude begins lest circum-

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greatly relieved the headache. After a few days treatment the erysipelas was

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nauseate or constipate; hence, may be taken for long

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of leeches to the temples and spine, and the use of the shower-bath.

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distribution of relief at home within easy access of

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ligament, together with areas of fatty degeneration varying in size, and of a

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Large doses of digitalis were not mentioned now, as


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