nington, lying at La Libertad, San Salvador. Yellow
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the trigeminas. This group appears to serve for* the reflex action of the trigeminus, in wink-
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"We must consider moreover that the weight of the brain is less than
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stomach (as he expressed it) was upset, and had loss of appetite.
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ct two lobesjindependently of the cerebellum, which lies beneath, and whose form |ind structure differ from that of
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eases. A woman who nurses a child should have regu-
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the case of a printer, seventy-one years old, who for several months had been
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Botkin, a rather extended study of the drug has been made by
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profound melancholy and ftupidity, an extreme proftration of
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be deprived of support of the indurated pulmonary substance, yields
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where faulty attitudes constitute the danger of an in-
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Surgeon General Walter Wyman, U. S. Hospital and Marine
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male adult deaths (innate phthisis excluded) are owing to the
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Once a day this sewage, of which there may be sixty, seventy
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day since the operation, and the patients are practically well.
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from the preparation of the Medicines themselves ; exacting tribute
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The spleen measured ten inches in length, five inches in width, three
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and stomachs (net), those of wide-ration pigs are heavier; in the
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protested against a comparison being made between a great Lying-in
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of typhoid fever, uraemia, and diabetes. Bosc has collected a
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of the constitutionality of the law, so far as relates to criminal trials, was
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Journal should be continued, and urged the Faculty of the Medical College of
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third branch of the left Sylvian artery was occluded by an infective embolus,
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Wisconsin, 10 ; New Jersey, 8. The Southern States are quite
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' only on rare occasions,' as Professor von Eisels-
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of all students. It will offer more advantages to the
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It assigns to casual law its place over the entire series of
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possible — longer actual attendance on lectures, certain regula-
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and beyond all help medical or surgical, and recc^nize the fact that
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original complaint, either by the consensus nervorum, or by metastasis.
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ether sprays, and poultices, if used at once, may do good, and indeed
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surgeon, lands as scheduled by the embarkation team
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a matter of observation, that the eyes start, and the face becomes
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on the concavity of the aortic arch. This author suggests,
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Other miscellaneous features of the hygienic management are
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Definition. — An acute maniacal delirium associated with hallucinations,
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Total deficienc-y in precipitation during month, 1.33 inches.


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