was lost as in an ordinary amputation at the middle of the thigb." Re-
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and digestive tube: Prof. Horace Green designates the "laryngeal
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nation is given of this. The table shoM's a tolerably regular in-
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Case I. — Physician, aged 36, referred by Dr. A. B. Howard of
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Against the statement that the beginning of the nine-
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of this method of study the Edinburgh school of investigators
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once almost lost his life by haemorrhage from an ulcer on the
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Institutions for Idiotic and Feeble-minded Persons, at Elwyn, Pa
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how much does bentyl 10 mg cost
It would be only a waste of time and space to follow the author's
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the intervention of art is needed to prevent excessive distension of the lower
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I wish to report to the medical protes- ^^^^^^ headache, mainly frontal. Had felt
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The building, being of recent date, has been furnished with
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Respiration is calm and regular, the pulse is quick and feeble as
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that large quantities of urine were passed in the early stage, of
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cities. In confirmation of this, witness the slaughter-houses, tanne-
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may be absent. Usually the internal temperature is but little if
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nose. More especially ecchymoses should be looked for in the mucous
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ing, from month to month, anything like troversion of the uterus he considers a suit-
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importance. The object, therefore, in reporting the follow-
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very intense, and is manifestly dependent upon the profusion of the
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interesting and easily reached by short excursions. Although
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married life, namely, thai of childbearing. I have al-
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the adventitia of the blood vessels of the cerebrospinal axis was noted
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embolic softening, secondary to aneurysm with meningitis. The last had
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physician should ask himself whether any contraindication exists in
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Moreover, head -nodding may make its appearance at a time when
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the ulcer was made up of cancerous tissue, and in the center of this was
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liminaries are essential to the subsequent steps of
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flaps then turned upward and held in place by small
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sponsible for this most disastrous condition of affairs.
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there is no cry during the attack. The convulsive seizures may
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* Thomas F. Reilly, M. D., in New York Medical Record, November 12, 1898.
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liver by the reflection or continuation of the peritoneum, which


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