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brain substance, or from the patient's condition, it

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designated. This doctrine is illustrated by the following cases :

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brings on INFLAMMATION of the Bowels and skin diseases.

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If on entering an inhabited building from the outside air,

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congestive heart failure. She was discharged and admit-

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no new abscess found, descending cornu of lateral ventricle tapped by Keen's

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use of the electrocardiogram, of polysphygmograms, and of bloodflow


fossa. In the ulcerative type, with sudden onset, or the perforative

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the minute structure of the tumour and its liability to give rise to

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Following the trend of modern writings and expressions the whole

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referred to never knew anything about forced respiration.

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Published, Report of Demilt Dispensary, 1893 ; also

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The sexes are divided by the author mio positive, or

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Paris came to the conclusion, from trials instituted by him on the

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demonstrated by determination of the gases in cerebral arterial and venous

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all of the sugar in the blood exists in a freely diffusible state. In its general

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the witch-doctors, or medicine men, skilled in the use of local native medicines. The list of

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suppuration of whatever origin, in which the pus is not con-

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now lying alongside the fifth cervical vertebra. He saw the man two

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Pease, Henry T. [Major, Principal, Punjab Vet. College.]

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and then getting the horse into a stable, and bathing

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You can also understand, that curvatures and osseous deviations


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