ties in the pustules and scabs ; but it probably escapes from the body

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in the production of the claw-hand. The muscles of the trunk and of

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humerus, the elongation of the limb, and the various circumstances

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organized and a charter obtained, and he lives to see it crowned with

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whatever it may be, especially affects the psycho-motor zone.

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may be said to supply one more element in the determination of the

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glistening appearance of the cell, which is readily stained with fuchsine,

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the normal intellectual power of the individual. In the height of the

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the hypersesthetic region is reached. Patients suffering from an irritable

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Hemorrhage from the stomach due to cirrhosis of the liver is usually

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dice and by the failing resistance of the enlarged liver. An amyloid

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1866, each with a sealed envelope containing the name of its author,

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delirium ; unless prevented by special care, the tongue becomes dark

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The question of feeding is always dominant. If even the smallest

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duodenum. Superficial tenderness is indicative of ulcer rather of the

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present therapeutic character and use of mercury. Have diseases so

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cases it will be found that the left auricle is excessively dilated and is

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It very often happens, M. Maisonneuve observ ed in a recent clini-

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position of the pus : hence the terms septico-pycemia and pyo-septiccemia,

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by such a patient may, by causing sudden emptiness of the right auricle

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excitement of the circulation, the strong pulsations in the carotid, and the

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cess of sugar in the blood may thus result from the increased supply of

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of the amyl salt, in glass pearls which can be broken and their contents

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night from the beginning of the attack. Exceptionally the disease has

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rate is usually much higher in hospital than in civil life, probably on

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without hesitation to relieve suffering. The general course of treatment

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pendently of food. The pain is often intense, may extend into the back,

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disease, characterized by a long incubation, paroxysmal convulsions,

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yond doubt. If an ointment is used in such a case, it cannot possi-

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serving the power of affecting the general nutrition.

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made to the presence of hyaline bodies in the disease of the skin called

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be outlined in a few words. The most important principle is to avoid all


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