10. Cooley D, Pappas EG, Urlochio JF, et al: Bacterial endo-

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show mutilations of upper lips and nose, which appeared to

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could not be difficult to find them ; but the coats of these ves-

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cular development. He looked about fourteen years of age.

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Notes. — ^Toxigenic. ^Jiade— if available — from pig flesh. ^To neutralize acid

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lated by heat, it cannot again be dissolved in the serosity,

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involves obtaining information on the use of tobacco prod-

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However, with more serious manifestations, including

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ambulance transportation to the hospital have been reported

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students and house officers; objective evaluation with stipu-

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favorable notice of the brothers ; and when Mr. Hunter went

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betwean low banks in a sandy bed, liabl • to sudden floods during periods

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requirements. Reports will come from hospitals and other

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Charcot states that the joint lesion in locomotor ataxy is

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in its diagnosis and treatment. Ann Int Med 45:163, 1956.

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was absent at the time the joint disease began. In one case it had been present

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the required dilution, or dilute directly the concentrated suspension to

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half an inch in front of the tip of the second toe.

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— of orientation programs for new members under the

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birds, which have lymphatic glands on the vessels of their

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which, for a time, entirely superseded thymol. He modified Hermann's

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oped, friction, electricity, etc., can be used with

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the third part of the subclavian artery can be plainly felt as a

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it will be more advisable to make the opening between the

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along the border of the tibial articular surface. Creaking

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the greater the number of cells (millions per gram of food),

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Dr. Borchert, and myself, in which it was decided that the

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there were several metastatic nodes containing teratoma in


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