was evident is the deciding feature in the diagnosis.

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cured without a sulphur ointment and the efficacy of this was slower

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extensive plan of registration and inquiry relative to births mar

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that would not wake most people keep Mr. A awake for

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through all troublesome wedging of the knife is avoided and the

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that bowel are expelled. Throughout the whole canal in short

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the collapsed condition present in genuine cholera infan

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Dr. Ruggles related a case where iodoform was used and

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chronic in its character and when deposited to any extent is a

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pathognomonic but there is one product which stands

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directed towards the men and not towards the women

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Y. Human diseases artificially producible in other Animals.

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find out what direction the debate was taking until a select group

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Censors of the District Society where he resides by examination

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Parliamentary Bills Committee to use their efforts in getting it carried out I

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This is the soluble ferro cyanide of potassium and iron.

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products resulting from the same are the causes of the anemia and

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quantity rather early in the disease. Persons who hare been intem

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IV. Case of Luxation of the Femur from an apparently slight

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ers Associations. There should be the establishment of

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with silver wire. No drainage tube was inserted. Antiseptic dressings

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it often presents a peculiar irregular or honeycomb appearance.

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treat the place as one treats all sores. A very good

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not relieve her sufferings and it was the last occasion on

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m idical adviser for help from tlie effects of an over

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interpret the result of his first or exploratory opera


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