into water and introduced into the rectum is one of the

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the platelets and therefore I will refer to it in the first instance.

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there should be a thorough curettage. Sur the quadratus lumborum whilst internally

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the sum that he should determine before hand to be consistent

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sheath persistence of the axis cylinder and absence of secondary de

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anatomic investigations conducted during the early stages of the disease.

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It would be nice to be able to add the line that ends

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injury with associated joint trouble. It is essential that we

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maintain its vigour and flesh on lbs. of oats per day.

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number of the medical profession and it seemed to me

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effects extending itself as far as that foul atmosphere extended.

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The cell in cover glass preparations is generally round and

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ber of cases has shown that all do not run an absolutely

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natal Health. The program will evaluate the state s

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liable to become varicose giving rise to a very com

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twenty four hours and then less frequently and very cau

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absorbed may excite suppuration and all its attendant evils. The use

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Body moderately robu t bee and surface somewhal livid.

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a day witliout halting. To say nothing of the cruelty

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melancholic stage existed but was scarcely noticed

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latory organs the other one smallpox which occurred

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prevent our ever knowing that. Whether therefore the

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Dr. Bauer also adverts to a recent article by Dr. Nonne in

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spleen. When these portions of the kidney were cut they pre

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coagulation time of whole blood. minutes control. z minutes prothrombin

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of indigenous leprosy in and about Charleston and that for

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was debility or a loss of the power to guide or control the

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cold are all that will be necessary. But when upon the reced

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crystals resembling those of phenylglucosazon. It ha

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rupture of the lateral ligaments. We have had recoveries

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afiection previously unnoticed of the portio dura which exhibited itself in the

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oped a cough but had no pais or dilBcultjr io smdlowiog. He

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tuberculosis is suffering from the lung form we would have twenty

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and still very incomplete science of Medicine something

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There have been added amongst other subjects chapters on the following X Ray

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and even in complete disappearance Of this element the neuroglia and

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punishment which may be imposed and shall b adopt its own

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but it is large and together with the protoplasm may

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present occasion the life of the fcrtus was destroyed before its

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The amount of urea being expressed in hundred thousandths

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to eat it in slices hence the necessity of granulating


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