differences in the clinical picture. These differences are due not only to the

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pleasure, being confident that, ere long, the book will be

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In other cases the electrical treatment of paralysis promises the best suc-

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selected. Short and easy passages shall also be set for translation from other

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Botany. The examinations will be conducted in writing, and speci-

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toms abate, whereupon the local results of the lesion become appreciable.

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phritis. However important this complication, its symptoms do not need to

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1. Primary Simple Neuritis. — In the previous chapters we have become

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in most cases are not at all affected, or they present merely slight and tem-

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that our knowledge of the pathological anatomy of general paralysis is still

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Degree of MJ). — Candidates for this degree must be Bachelors of

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Sttbslstefice Oeiwt Operating Manuel, for Instance* imches, tetttice. vp4 pees ^rwrate more

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transverse, circumscribed muscular swelling forms at. the point struck, and

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exogenous uric acid, or that arising from ingested foods (tissues rich in cells,

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yet, however, there have been but few careful investigations made, and these

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Gunshot wounds of the cord are quite frequent, in which the bullet either

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Benjamin F. Miller, M.D., Assistant Professor of Dental Surgery.

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Definition and General ^Etiological Considerations. — If any cause produces

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Kufa AKD Qxjeek's College of Phtsicians (Iabland). —

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Suf Jil* L?3f7'?®^ ^" a laboratory report. Is norial acidity plus develowd acidity.

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hospital medical school immediately after matriculation, for he will


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