1891 was 56*^, on October 18; for 1892 it was 53^, on
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According to the details published in Washington Re-
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his estate, from which I make the following extract : — Hat and
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long as we regard the blood-disorder as simply a provoking cause.
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cotomies closed more eff"ectively were, first, that expansion of the
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underwent removal of 27.9 gm. of pancreatic tissue, leaving a remnant estimated
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which had been there for ten years. The warts came off from time to time,
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of the spirochetes in feces with the dark-field microscope, the organ-
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group is of importance. Otherwise, when the push comes, one may
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brought the first rainfall of the month to the Irish stations. At
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eases of Children,' come to us from the United States, together with the eleventh
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synchronous cancers of the colon and rectum. However,
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prove to be the worst kind of material for this purpose: 1st, It would
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DUNLAP, James, 28 Main St., Northampton — 1852 — 8 to 9; 1
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may appear after a few large doses e. g. 20 grains to a child of eight years.
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capsule forceps as when the cystotome is employed ; but
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In other places where leprosy is not endemic, cases are occasionally
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picked gooseberries (allowing to each lb. of fruit ^ pt. of water),
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was present in the staphylococcus and M. catarrhalis cases, while in
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House of Delegates, Connecticut State Medical Society, — Gentle-
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cases of whooping-cough, in 2; of 9 cases of diphtheria, in 1. Slawyk has
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Fund." With the interest accruing from $100,000 many
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Avith the greatest care one may be led astray. The presence of elastic
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day, when it was normal in the morning, without, however, the
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We shall first call attention to the medical papers in this volume.
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Not only must the nurse cultivate the habit of observing symptoms,
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deeply from the irregular form this warfare had recently
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where desired to put the dangers of these diseases fairly before the
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and sometimes morphine, scopolamine and atropine in the respective
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