cluded in the list, selected with reference to their geo-

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The next part of the subject to which I wish to call your at-

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bradycardia is necessary. Respiratory arrest may occur sec-

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Truly, I think that the cause ef laughter is accidental, and

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years ago, graphically described the class of cases

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adjoining room : whilst her breathing (some two hundred in the minute)

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were recovered from these in forty-eight rabhits. Cultures made from

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principles, and insist upon a strict observance of them.

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lie blood studies in cirrhotics with splenomegaly. Anti-

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the point of departure of the stimulus is probably in the liver

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and a girdle sensation just ab )ve the pubes. The head

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circumstances may exist where it may be convenient and

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pelvic inflammatory disease and advised further bed rest.

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demonHlration, nr>t even appriHJng the patient or frienda

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68 Brown, Pelvic Peritonitis and Peri-uterine Cellulitis. [July

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a war ol radicalism against the profession, and seek to throw down the barri-

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4. edit., T. IV. Paris, 1840. — P. G. A. Louis, Recherches anatomiques patho-

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genome but consisting of numerous small pieces. The DNA is then allowed to

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The best examples of the latest results of research applied in actual work in this country

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fibrin, which you can get by whipping fresh blood, or by making soup

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this operation in several of our cases. Most of these were unsatisfactory,

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threatens, lever of a moderate type may still be i)resent,

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Universities, and we believe that it will prove successful, and tend

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views have been unsettled and much information has been collected which

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