Although the histological examination of the growth was

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for hematuria of renal origin, the microscopic examination of a

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nongonorrhoeal conjunctivitis of the newborn; it ap-

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section, active purgation, and the application of cold to the head— reserving

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pound fractures into simple ones through primary excision

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hundred and seventy square inches ; the other, a fibrous matter, firm

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of varying degrees of this process which he called peri-

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per cent., in the second 8.7 per cent. In 21 per cent, of the cases of total

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in the left. The principal working of the brush should follow the direction

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central scotoma for red ; another point is that the extent of the field of

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ing fluid and is distributed throughout the tiasue. This latter fact

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The effect produced upon the neoplasm was undoubtedly that

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In emetics, then, nauseants, anodynes, and cordials, regulated or

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adeno-carcinoma and colloid are relatively of a far less malignant

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dissolved in 1784 and the College of Surgeons found-

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my experience with another that it is with some diffidence I

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least one entire herd in Nova Scotia has been destroyed by it ;

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the course of the disease before permanent amblyopia is established. It

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of this disorder which recurred annually for , many years, and curiously

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