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measurable saving of life, the uncomputable relief of

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(nither hard on those who believe all minerals to be

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the healthiest cattle. . . . The contagion, however, does not s])rcad

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accompanied by high fever. All these symptoms appear -within twenty- four

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In the face the spasms result in all sorts of grimaces and jerky

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as evidenced by the Journal ; to the endeavor to protect the pro-

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and yet leave sufficient for the aeration of the foetal blood ; but

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(symmetric and asymmetric ectrogeny*), by arrest of develop*

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ganglionic fibers arise. If this drug is applied in a 1 per, cent solution

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are arranged at the poles and an enveloping cyst is developed. Each

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noon, thoroughly mixed, put iu glass quart bottles at

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showed a specimen of multiple carcinomata of the intestines. The

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vember 9lli, contained tlie review of a l)ook on " Massaj^e

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is hereby relieved from duty, as President ot the Army

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Regular Meeting at 8 o'clock on Wednesday evening^ Feb,

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cerebellar cortex, but it nowhere reached the surface of

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gave me " passes " and a letter to Colonel Korwood,

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students as Assistants EdinburQ;h long after they have disappeared in

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pulse and in inflammation of serous tissues, and as this is the


superficially cases of the so-called "forme fruste" of exophthalmic

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a slight artificial support of the forearm, such as its suspension

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writers of the book are very thorough in their methods,


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