in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of

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separately, taking particular care not to dull the cutting edge.

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mentioned at p. 961 was largely due to the impossibility

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This is the real object of our investigation. Our surgical

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gave the results of his experiments concerning the production

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last few miles on his stomach, crawling to the address of the bone specialist

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appear to me by any means to support his views as to the

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pessary into the vagina, so as to elongate it to its normal extent, and

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10. Blumenthal: Beitr. z. chem. Phys. u. Path., 1905, 6, 329.

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was due to the extravasation of blood. The blood pig-

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believes, however, that the most reasonable method of intro-

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ganda work; and that the balance be divided amongst the provinces,

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the tuberculin test is required as a condition to bringing cattle

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formed connective tissue assumes a hyaline character in some spots.

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organized goodwill can we find the way out throiigh the sad mazes and

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pulmonary complications never arose : and not only did they

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lus, or stone in the bladder, is, that after the urine is voided there

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whether ions, molecules or particles, but some of these properties are

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which blindness was threatened without serious risk to

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hyoid, open the sheath from the inner side so as to avoid the internal

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ial! v to the anterior portion of the turbinated bones.

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counting chamber and cover glass about the best thing is a linen

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Pregnancy proper gives but few cases — .7 of 1 per cent,

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and anterior part of the chest, over the cartilages and the ends

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history of a very remarkable case; one which excited profound interest, and. in its re-

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the popularity of a work which reflects the greatest credit

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We turn to another set of affections, the indurations and concre-


It will be observed that by this system of surface drainage

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In the preparation of the substance for the troche,


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