bable that in this rarefied form, in which a given quantity of water

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I he patient enjoys, without any correcting glass, ^ in one eve and

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separate the part played by the imponderables, heat, electricity,

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day it is still greater than normal. These practical deductions have there-

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the small intestine. Over the ca;cum also, and to some

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against stone and gravel, and a general sovereign help to Nature." For

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toitl) mp jSkiU anb abiUtp, keeping m minb altoaps; nature's; lattjs; anb tlje

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Bear in mind that I attributed the attacks of hepatic colic to the

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rubella, polio, etc. With a positive reaction, further diagnostic

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man un<ler conditions which are unknown to us ; that long-continued disturb-

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tendon of the psoas had invaded the coxo-femoral articulation, which

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body, face jaundiced and indicative of such extreme agony

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present, this was the event of the day ; it was, indeed, a rich

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long-continued high temperature. My reasons for this opinion

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— 14 males and 22 females. Of these 36 cases, 23 occurred in children

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I J. — Strangest of all equine bands, the " white pacers " of the

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manual on the diseases of the heart. So many excellent treatises

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is the assumption that they yield to the blood a special autacoid —

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toward Paris. When we arrived at Sens it was discovered by the French authorities •

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tive. The test for Bence Jones protein gave negative

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