The syringe and needle should be sterilized by boiling in two-per-
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errors : 1st. When just after the coagulation is completed, we
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It grows best at temperatures approaching that of the human body.
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a reserve of one-fourth of that number ought to be maintained, in
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symptoms, which increased rapidly after their first appearance, were severe. On the
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ual, is spherical in shajje, and more rapid in growth,
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" nipples of women that give fuck, as well as in the
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treated, some by similias and others by dissimilias ; for example, if
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noticed when the specimen is examined is that the left auricle is
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an increase of 872 over the number licensed in the pre-
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This table gives the average percentage composition of
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of the Ambala district consented to the burning of all the clothes
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without apparent cause, which Ir^i him the stake he would
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be stopped when the pulse has fallen to 70. If the practitioner
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nerves are not all adapted to the same office ; but that
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ChlAf from the 1st to the 8d Brigade, 8d Division, lith Cori>s, Army of
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galvano-puncture, but it is quite tedious. I have modi-
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Oxford. — Examination for a Degree in Arts ; Responsions ; Moderations ;
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to withstand the disease, and the indications for treatment are
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nize as inflammatory, all the usual phenomena belong-


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