much danger of hemorrhage. Always use cold water to stop the hemorrhage,

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After having made the section of the bone, what should be

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Method of passing probe. — Hold the long arm verti-

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and then the ataxy preponderates in the whole curve.

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free and of a good character ; temperature 98 ; appetite good.

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into the Water — Choking — Swallowing Pins, etc. — Foreign Bodies in Eye or Ear —

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where the least resistance is presented to it. Experience teaches

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Dextrose, maltose, and lactose give no colour until the fluids

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like, witii the permission of the Section, to add Dr. Hertz's suggestion to the

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the strangulation as complete as possible, I passed a needle through

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cent, of cases, have also militated against its employment. The

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face. At first, I considered the rash of erythematous

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616995. Creighton, C. Bovine tuberculosis in man. Lond. 1881.

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medical expert witnesses on both sides illustrating to a

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pated about three quarters of the adrenal substance from animals

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of morbid urines, as well as the vast importance of these organs in free-

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among the students individually and as working units in the School. It has been

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Pelvis.— Os Innominatum— g, Ilium, 2; s, Ischium, 2; r, Pubis, 2.

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mation began, and the characteristics impressed by the epidemic on the

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two instances of its association with typhoid fever. His search through

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an ounce of tobacco (cigarettes) per diem. He has taken tea to

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clearing the field of obscuring blood, and properly employed with a low

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b^un to cough up bloody sputum. This is some sputum that he

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barracks or if possible in tents which should be erected in open spaces and

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the costal cartilages, 359 ; general features of the

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the body, but only different localities," and as is well known

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