Nothing would be more useful and interesting than to trace the reasons of this

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imperfect evacuations induce only imperfect crises, which never occur

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goitre, and during the paroxysm the tumour may be displaced

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9, 1894 (No. 475); South Pass. August 31, 1894 (No. 1184).

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and faithful for seventeen years and if they continue three more

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course of the experiment the slightest trace of albumin was often noted,

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shoulder commenced to waste, and he felt weakness in raising

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Symptoms. — The onset was generally rapid. In well-marked

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3d. What class or form of medicinal agents, appeared best to fulfil the indi-

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sary for the supporters of this hypothesis to allow, that while

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an acute febrile attack, with much swelling of the face,

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thoroughly, as patient was alarmed at eruption and re-

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conflicting theories of the Allopathic Schools of medicine, as well as the

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In addition to numerous graduates residing in the city, we

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suggestive of perforation, we should have discovered this

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not been attended to by the Field Hospitals and which are too critical

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ing, and is transformed into an unhealthy and irritable

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all sorts of social questions, nearly related to political questions. That

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moved should be closely covered and screened, or else oiled with pe-

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in succession, all born alive — the two first without dropsy, and

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it was free from objection. But it must not be forgotten that still only a very

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in the following case : " A horse is noticed to breathe faster than

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have been added to those which Dr. Percy has reported.

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Dr. DoRE said that on account of the early onset, long duration and clean-

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we would call the treatment of one disease by the name of

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which time he has coughed continually. During the summer of

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made in their convex borders. The opposing walls are then placed side by

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principal work, and who was then occupied with preparing a complete edition of it

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