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de Toesophage (obliteration cesophagienne et communication
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the patient, at the patient’s request, and bill the patient
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meetings so it would be in proper form to submit to the
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liv.'r is sul.j.'.-t t.. n.'rve e..ntr..l, it is!.' tliat its eontn.l l.y lior-
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Animal breeding and disease. By A. D. Melvin and E. C- Schroeder 211
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receive, which they mav al'terwanls appl.\' to re^'ulatc the retlcx response.
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i„t..llh'.-n,..^ In anarthrin. or snh.M,rti.-al aphasia, th.^ only .lisah.hly is Iht-
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tion before slaughter, shall be tagged as provided in Regulation 21, and In all cases shall
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the formula is available for its own special purpose — the building of tissue.
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ceiling of this room. It is free from odor and clean.
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Dr. G. W. McCoy, of the United States Public Health Service, Wash-
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Wiener klin. wochenschr., jahrg. 16, no. 20, p. 581-583. Wien, May 14,
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members of the Board to serve on the coordinating commit-
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association with the others. It is these last two forms which Wickman
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Hg.; the phenolsulpbonephthalein excretion 49 per cent in one hour; the
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scored highest and kept best. This work attracted a great deal of
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the early weeks, but this gradually lessened until at 6 months it was
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motion work for the meeting seeking the assistance of
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ofllcial veterinarian, stating that such cattle are free from contagious and infectious
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The workings of this inspection and the carrying out of the regu-
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Tlie afferent visceral fibers, as abov(> stated, arise like those of tin'
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cent Method and Its Significance in the Diagnosis of Gout.
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et chei les Animaux of 1893 and 1898; and the works of Ostertag, the highest authority
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Dr. Sutter suggested that the Society hold a picnic
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forate part it was narrower than in the hollowed. This isthmus (as it
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The Dairy Division has not heretofore maintained a dairy labora-
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the body of a person or animal and every case supposes the previous
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mittees shall consist of five members, two serving for
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Function of the Pars Glandularis. Tlic facts eoncernin;.' tlie fuiictioi
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slaughterhouse, abattoir, or meat curing, packing, or canning establishment, or any
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next to th.' skill, whi.di ..r.linarily vry .|ui.ddy li.'.'om.' satnrale.l with
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IS,.,. y\" •'•'."< The ,■,.,. ivM.nlati.... is! or lioniolat.Tal. thns eon-
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regard to their travel for only one had been out of
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a..t,.fi/.'.1. Til.' nn>-1 liU.'ly .mi.' is tliat of ..pti.'al a.-tivity. No,,,, of tl,.'


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