the contrary, you make for yourself a plan for being always healthy,

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found chiefly in the portal system and the veins of the bladder. The

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the President be given discretionary power, when the

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Latzko states that in his cases, the contracture continued during

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Two cases of fracture of the forearm by heavy projectiles, without

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their nutrition ? From the fact of exact similarity in the on-

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organs, and especially in the spleen, were described and subjected to practical

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months old; yet not with the aspect of ordinary emaciation. The hands are

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supra marginal gyri give rise to that condition known as psyche — or mind —

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knife used in skinning the snake, when his hand and arm began to swell,

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tenacious crusts upon it. He was put upon purgatives, and at first seemed

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Tliis case is, in some respects, the most remarkable of all, from the

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upon the glands as an Elimtnative; being a Diaphoretic and an

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false membrane aids in the exfoliation of the latter, though for the most part

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badly-managed case; it is the story of an unfortunate who has confi-

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the seat of fresh infection. Little or no disfigurement follows this

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burnt in the streets, but the fumes evolved exhibited no power

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ing fluid. This is done, using the red pipette, by drawing blood

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woman complained of a sore upon her left labium. I failed to

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modern and American, but as we for some years have be-

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(a) The use of water which receives the sewage of other

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period of 30 months, whereas no ulcers developed in patients

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of utilised heat is from 31 to 93 per cent ; in boiler furnaces

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the matter. He did not wish it to be understood that his

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extended experience with the drug, I am forced to the belief that it has

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must be so at the present time. I shall, therefore, abandon all

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infraspinatus muscles their removal should be deterred

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particular in sponging the wound carefully, this deep aponeurosis is

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cover. The water in the boiler was gradually heated to boiling, and

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spring or snail shell ; and Eeuss has the merit of showing that this in-

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layer in the same manner, and so proceed until you have opened


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