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constitutes the great instrument of destruction in every form of
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three times daily. To prevent any misconception as to its
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incessant. Notwithstanding that its communications are open,
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At every place where animals are landed provision must be made
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Dr. Sutherland replied that if it was merely a case of constipation it
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at the Sault St. Marie, Midtdgan, is on the southern bank of Uiat river.
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were all happy ; for nothing is more reasonable than to make each other
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diaphragm and contained semi-fluid faeces, the upper surface of which
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iKhis program is designed for practicing physicians to
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hystero-perineorrhaphy, which is on the same order as the Murphy opera-
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the cartilages of the ribs, and either sawing or breaking through
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malady. Tincture of aconite, in thirty-drop doses, has been ad-
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veying infection is relatively small in the British army because
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with the more simple methods of a well-regulated and
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seeking health and forwarding a commercial enterprise.
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300. Mush rooms (Stewed)— Ingredients— Mushrooms, salt, butter
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have hitherto been projected from field-pieces or guns of position,
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intestines, give her a clyster, which may be repeated as often
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and barley is also given ; by December 14 the animals are
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the thumb-nail of the surgeon being the best table for the purpose. Recently
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the body as well as the soul. Indeed, the priests of those days were
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vein in the scalp, which we usually find to be quite prominent and
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when it is direct, can be ascertained with least disturbance to the
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Bathurst and Rideau, in opposition to the present representative.
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mechanical arrest of the flow of blood can save the
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the leg at a later date. On the other hand, Eisenlohr (5) records a case
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is in a recumbent position. Hyoscyamus is many times the


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