but surely the diagnosis was much more difficult in my case than in Mr. Pott's.
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was lost, so the peritoneal cavity was closed immediately
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left ; weakness of muscles ; knee-jerks active on right, exaggerated on
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great weight with many good people as evidence of an advanced
the effects of combination therapy with dutasteride and tamsulosin on clinical outcomes
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1, Want of Promptitude in the supply of voice during the
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cal or mental system. Nature recuperates speedily because
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rynitzkia ftdvocanescens, Gray, Proc. Am. Acad, xx, 280 (1885).
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cases of whooping-cough, in 2; of 9 cases of diphtheria, in 1. Slawyk has
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active aperient, and thinks that only when atony of the
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graceful lives of Sergius III., Charles II., and Louis XV. ;
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She had frequent desire to make water, attended by darting shoot-
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of a dram of specific dioscorea in two ounces of hot water.
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increases the liability to its recurrence under the same or
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pain be the principal or only symptom, the chief reliance must be upon the
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with a rise of temperature, the mercury reaching 103.7^ F.
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wound — clip off the hair, wash w r ell with warm water and soap, then
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larynx, which precludes the possibility of continuing the process
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the solutions of neutral salts of univalent metals and univalent
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it was unknown there a few years ago (Bruce). Milnes (6) states, as the
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solution be made with accuracy, however, and occasionally disasters which
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number of respiratorj auts. Morphia acts directly on tbe nerves when
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any history suggestive of tuberculosis. Blood pressure was
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organism the less likely is it to survive or take root outside of those
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because of his high abilities. His contributions to medical litera-
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eases are treated. I trust before another generation
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a little boy of 5, with an enlarged testis. I expressed the view that it was
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Absence of sexual desire is another not uncommon result of retro-
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their nutrition ? From the fact of exact similarity in the on-
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above sea level, and the rather less elevated Quito, near


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