him a lesson in some way every day, and two lessons a day are

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tained by a study of cross-sections of the sciatic of these same

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the fluid, but there is purulent infiltration and increase of the fixed cells of the

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bidity of maternity hospitals, appearing on page 29 of

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ting their canals with as much freedom under the equator, as they

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is prepared for the emergency of hemorrhage from the sinuses, or

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extra privileges. Let us assemble ourselves together not

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demonstrated by determination of the gases in cerebral arterial and venous

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there crusting. Beyond the main mass of infiltration were several

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With the exception of the summer months, called emphatically die

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of the inferior races of mankind. Whether the researches of

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of it, just as he would, for instance, have to do if the disease

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town, sank a well, erected a ballroom, a gambling room, and shops and

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osteophytic ridges form, they encroach on neural structures

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question knows that the problem is tremendously impMDrtant, that

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condition was good and all his organs apparently healthy.

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time the weather devoted itself to the business and

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letter, dated Philadelphia, saying that he had pro-

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against it on the grounds that there is no anatomical proof of

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The translators are pleased to find that the medical public sustain their own opinion

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cised and those who had not, he might refer Dr. Cadell to a paper which

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side the abattoir, for the matter then belongs to the medical

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ing stock than when the demand is greater, for three

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Of such an event the patient has a lively recollection, but the


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