very well for a while on buckwheat flour, made into cakes

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precursor of the hemoglobin of the blood is shown. As bearing in the

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are deeply pigmented, a fact which was well shown in a case

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ing of the abscess, everything went on to a wish ; but at the end of

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the middle and posterior cerebrals on each side are united by the posterior

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be given (say a teaspoonful) in lemonade without changing its taste.

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small quantities of bacteria, but no difference was noted when single

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membrane into the cane sugar solution, and since the cane sugar molecules can not pass in

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the juice, for half an hour. They must not boil. Strain

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The patient was thirty-seven years old, and had been confined of her

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Dr. Dubray rightly condemns an obtrusive display of

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legislature will soon recognize that the greatest wealth of a country

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and Statistical History of the County of Olmsted , together with a General View

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why the babe refused its natural nourishment, when the supply was so

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late has been substituted. 9 Although generally thought to be a

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and Director of the Surgical Clinic in the University of Bern. Authorized Translation

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very hard and heavy. The leaves are from 2^4 to 4 inches long and about an

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H. C. Russ exhibited Two Cases of Acne Successfully Treated by

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them, especially the elbow. The disease known as capped

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himself. For a flock of sheep, or a number of calves,

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try in building up his museum, and by his writings,

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purulent contents, and the softened cores extracted. The

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For, rely upon it, there is no more pressing subject ; for it seems

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are special, though not invariably present. It also follows, that this

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tongue. The disability from the division of the jaw

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of a foreign body from the trachea into the larynx.

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The 3d Infantry, 3t^ per cent,dn 1829, occupied Fort Armstrong

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Ans. Sargassum is one of the Brown Sea Weeds which develop ex-

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Dr. Stewart Graves, executive secretary of Nu Sigma

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of papers, and reads : '' All papers, essays, photographs, diagrams, etc.^

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"bei der des Eisenvitriols und des Alauns, ohne dre beiden ersteren

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during Pregnancy — Symptoms of Pregnancy — Dropsy of the Womb — Puer-

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