(edema and cellular infiltration. In neither of these
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ually accumulated show that his conclusions as to the
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fair blue marble stones,^ which remained intact until 1817.
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profession, is not a whit more discriminating. He says, —
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lanx to make up the throng to thwart the command of God
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fiftli neck-bone (broken neck, pithing,) it is promptly
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Microscopical examination of the peritoneal exudate shows the presence
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ment do occur, they he beneath the more superficial
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cannot but see that it is imperfect. It savors of selfishness driving a hard
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pressing the thumb on the course of the artery, I felt assured that by securing
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resorted to, combined vnth the internal use of iodide of potassium, and was persisted
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Thus far this, the Canada Thistle, has been reported from only
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fatal in ten minutes, and a solution composed of 1 part lime water
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jection of morphia will afford welcome relief and do no harm. Purgatives
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performed on animals, are such as to justify considerable con-
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counted the beatings of his pulse, and marked their
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due to an impairment of the vitality of the tissues,
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inflammatory attacks. The recent views on the pathology are
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Cardanum , Erneftum ; Burgraviura • Rudolphum Goclenium;
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found, when three bearers were employed, that to remove the
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in the cranial bones is consequently incomplete; this gives rise to a
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stooping ; — yet the legs seemed to be hauled forwards ; and as the foot was
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media, the number of colonies resulting from such inoculation with the
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of the skin. By heightened color alone the skilled eye can recog-
amount of effusion. But if the quantity of effusion be considerable and
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nacy or ill-will, as many parents supjiose, but upon fixed and uii-
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showed itself in increase of appetite and greater vigour. With this
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an associated phenomenon of the neuro-muscular asthenia,
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thus be somewhat of an over-estimate for the non-pregnant state.
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operation and again a hernio-laparotomy is indicated. The site of


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