Association was held on August 1st and 2nd, at New Westminster.
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the glands by means of 60 per cent alcohol. Its action is remarkably
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manage by well contrived artifices to be on the sick list for
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array, and the striking impression excited by such a bright colour
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assisting with private operations, and set him to work at the hospital.
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The urinary tract showed the following appearances :
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action of the Sarr. purpurea in small-pox. There have,
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wound. The lateral and posterior parts of the joint were seen
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of life shows change of character, mental deterioration, loss
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As the Legislature is now in session, I consider the moment
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The chief disorders of this function are suppressed, painful and
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months' interval has had no symptoms of any kind. We are
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vinegar, tincture of caotharides, mm, and water. This is sponged daily into
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protein shock reactions. Since starting this procedure we have only
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first saw persons in the magnetized state, as it is
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gall-bladder surgery. I was very much interested in
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irritants were applied to both sides of the chest. The patient was
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very commonly of a red colour, — ^red substances were
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Remarks. — In addition to the foregoing cases, reported, and alluded
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geon-General and his office, and the most important sources
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for at least one week after the temperature has fallen to normal. Impru-
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however, the suppuration continues for a longer period, which may
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this subject at the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society by Dr.
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the Victoria Hospital as it is on the beautiful slopes of
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at Florence, in the previous century, the physicians had included in their
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Then the subtle, deceptive process of indoctrination starts.
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tions, and convince the Professors of Operative and Me-
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all persons, or in, at least, a great many persons. The
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identical in structure with the gray granulations found in the lungs. These
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One attack of obstnu-tion of the intestine occuiTed,
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Wood, we are all familiar with. The report comes as
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19. Sergeant was placed in charge of the seven men of the Medical Detach-
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million dollars' worth of cattle in the last great invasion which she
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with his regiment on its removal to Bengal, and was detained in


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