danger to be feared after this operation is a fistulous opening,
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water of the required temperature, a cup, and a sponge are placed
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the skin. The latter is increased by radiation from the blanket, and by
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affusions in fevers, gout, and rheumatism. Thus the empirics caused
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plications. Tonic remedies should be given cautiously, and rest and
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close of the first week. If the case have been a typical one, the history
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been treated by carbolic acid, known as Baccelli's method.
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and we have frequently felt that new lesions were created in the mucous
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ployed it in not less than 30 cases, confining its use to instances in which
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creased twenty pounds since his admission, and three and one-half pounds since
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the bacilli fall upon a soil that is altogether favorable to their growth
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supply on the one hand, and with the hose or other terminal arrange-
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delivered, upon the size of the stream, and upon the distance of the
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restricted. The urine is examined every day, and the even-
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nation. And, as all adult pharyngeal diphtheria tends to recovery, it
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tubercle. Again, the fibroid element in the tissues immediately sur-
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in its earliest stage by the characteristic swollen condition of the eyes
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animals are the most robust. They have a more natural en-
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lumbar pains. Instead of the usual severe rigor, repeated chills, ex-
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the restoration of normal tone on the part of the vessels of any area
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all these various and dreadful complications which are so common with
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and pericarditis occur in the nature of true complications. The kidneys
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Gastro-intestinal symptoms may be present, but are not prominent,
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in January, 1873, whilst undergoing the operation of crush-
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produced decided reduction of temperature, as evidenced by the last bath ; show-
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alienists have favored less and less all forms of restraint.
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they early contain the bacilli. In tuberculosis in the aged tubercle
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think Mulford's tubercle antitoxin comes through the ass.
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bility prohibits feeding by the mouth. Stimulants are demanded, and
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bandkercliief, my wife must pick it up; and I have to go to
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ularization of the treatment was in inverse ratio to its adoption by the
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with the speculum, and appropriate topical applications made if ulcers in
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are capable of doing, while a tub bath of the same temperature is
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moderately hard, doughy, or even fluctuating will aid materially in the


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