They opposed their own ways to those of nature, and liked nothing which

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W. G. Bogart indorsed position of writer. He said " the first case

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ever had in the State before — attacks suddenly, affects singularly,

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Have had considerable trouble with some, but have obtained satisfactory

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tors in this new conception of the duties of a medical officer

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would be a subsidy or a monetary grant to hospitals in the counties.

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'there remains much to be discovered, and our knowledge after

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tient was pulseless. Brandy was freely administered hypodermically. At

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The great objection to inoculation is, that it can only be

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She claimed that there had not been a vaginal discharge, except

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white men and touching on the opening of navigation on the Mississippi

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sore, no indication of disease in the margin of the lid. The hairs

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from the correlation of clinical conclusions, depending in turn upon

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sarcocele ; haemorrhoids, and prolapsus ani ; varices of the

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readily discovered ; but in some persons the headache

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from eliminating such nutritious foods as meat, eggs, and

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erysipelas 15, scarlet fever 10, measles 6, malarial fever and

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of a score or more, turn out their cattle daily to pasture,

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districts which, like the Channel Islands, Denmark, Nor-

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portion of the canal is the straight gut (or rectum), an

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The cause of this is, the fire lightens the air in the room,

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good. We recommend it to the notice of all surgeons, hospital

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the limits of the diseased lung tissue are usually sharply

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the westward caused southerly winds, heavy rains, and a brisk

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y^There are several fermentations known to occur in milk

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were found almost inextricably intertwined and bound together by

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tissue in different parts of the organ. This is unequalled in any other

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of the L S Army 'I he wonderful record it established in Military Sen

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evident that the weakness of the system was due to the failure of the

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made by collecting the expired air and analysing it. From the amounts of


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t" Diseases of Accessory Nasal Sinuses, etc.," R. C. Myles. Medical News. March 2\ 1S96.


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