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kind of aneurism, and whether the result has been such as to show a marked
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tions — and not to be classed with the case I have re-
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wore all puny children at first but became stronger afterwards.
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Major, Medical Corps, U. S. Army Passed Asst. Surg., U. S. Navy
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and at the termination of the case see him in the full enjoyment of
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The marrow of the shaft of the tibia showed cells of the
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and power of concentration which previously was a rare thing for
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and he begins to concentrate his attention on his heart,
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car or bistoury and the subsequent introduction of tents. The most
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In November, 1919, 70 cases of typhoid fever occurred which were
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is much more marked than in vitiligo, and cannot be
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^ Marchiafava, E., and Bignami, A., Malaria, in Stedman, T. L., Twentieth
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In conclusion, we have much pleasure in repeating our former
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Much discussion has been carried on concerning the so-called "bilious
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The exact distribution in Treble's cases was as follows:
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stirred well into a ton of water ; in smaller quantities to each
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It is alleged that Jenner's first hope, that vaccination would be an
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found that there was no luxation. The articular surfaces are in
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It is with plumbism as Avith intoxication in general ; certain circum-
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neurotic type where there was constant nervous irritation
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me to say that it is an easy matter to charge upon the
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activity in the region. Technologies developed at the School of Medicine have formed the basis
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recovery but before the head is equilibrated. The two lines meeting join
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spinal tenderness, as ascertained by cold, heat, pressure, etc., the coexistence
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share my chagrin when I tell you that this has been done
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there was an actual multiphcation or survival of the organism, as in
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among them who are also healthy sickness will be mutually pro-
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fell into the hands of the surgeon who was busy sponging the pus
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fication might again be brought about. Without following out
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Christian Literature Society for India. London, Madras and
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ness was followed almost immediately by a paralysis of the entire
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terior sinuses exists. Excessive discharge of pus from one nos-


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