Mass. Eclectic Medical Journal, No. 31 Cornhill, Boston.

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years of experience as a drug clerk; (3) Satisfactory grades in the state

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tient kneeled on the edge of a bed, supporting the upper part of the

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The making of these collections necessitated nearly 1,600

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of mucous surfaces. When these surfaces cease to be normally

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the anus was, at certain places, firmly contracted to

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ply to lessen the pain endured in the part, whether ulcerated or

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speculation of origin. On this he insists that the most

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In pigs, as in sheep, the feet symptoms predominate. The animals

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methods of healing are by union of two granulating sur-

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priety, or rather the justifiableness, of interfering with

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E. Lavat : Bull, de I'Acad. de Med., LXXIX., 663, 1915.

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s.n.jS practical. Trans, from French. 2 vols. (New Syd.

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entered the Navy in 1942. He served with distinction in

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commission form of government has attracted the attention of

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tion, I found tlie bladder almost empty. There were now

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In regard to the after-treatment of perforative peritonitis dependent upon

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finger. One hand is usually affected before the other, and with

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on the abdomen, morning and evening. This compound appears

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two months later, the patient had had no more "attacks," though he was still

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in that of the left side, and rather pronounced ataxic symptoms of

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cules of black pigment." The diagnosis is made quite certain

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negative for Flexner and Shiga types; 5 days after the second injection, 1:50

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which the mother cannot detect will often cause the most


tion in the reading. This can be seen in Table 1. Now, it is obvious

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3. Human beings suffering from lobar pneumonia have in their

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main permanently enlarged and sensitive. All beauty and symmetry are

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Attending Physician, North Shore University Hospital.

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contain no bacteria whatever, and no virus ever contains pathogenic

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grow, and in this both the colon bacillus and the swine-plague bacillus were

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many obfervations confirm it's efficacy r . Be Lille s

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child delivered by forceps, still-born. Up to this time the mother had

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erly managed. If called to a patient that is confined to his

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cal excitement, due to nervous exhaustion and con- j

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