addresses of the Prince Consort, which form in them-
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because of constant contamination from nasal or buccal
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tion — good, bad, and indifferent — ^must be regarded as equally protective,
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two were hydatid cysts of the lungs so that adding Alberti's figures
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ence and manner of operation in the hair-fibre itself.
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avowed by some writers, of the presence of peptone in normal
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to be found in the admissions of those physicians who have the most
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At the same time a good deal of valuable and recent information
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plicate the' case. Injections per vaginam of solutions of sulph. zinc, or
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there were a constant irritation in his throat. He' had
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curred are given in the folloAving table. By neAvcomers Ave mean
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thirty-seven (excluding one where no age was given) occurred
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disease is on the increase. It is, therefore, most gratifying that a congressional appro-
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On the eventful evening of March 13th, after a long session of the faculty
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That the nervous system plays a more important part in the mani-
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diminution in muscular fatigue and the relaxation of the bron-
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teaches us, that it consists in inflammation of the digestive surface.
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rotid stenosis. Although it is tempting to generalize the
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as are predisposed by heredity, environment, or illnesses such
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Fig. 32. Appearance of the inguinal region of a normal rabbit.


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