mals is regarded as a healthy and relishable article of food by a large
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upon matters too trivial for a second thought. If I make a state-
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Tie up in a muslin bag or towel as much flour as desired and boil for four
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1I11JUC lKlLGinllUl Geschreven tot genezing der ziekten en tot
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nerves,' and to transfer them to the list of subdivisions in Classes
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of a high order. His uniform courtesy and kindhiiess of manner
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to every part of the body. This is called the greater circulation.
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channels by which the blood is returned to the heart
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dissected up the paravesical tissue as he would in extirpation,
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pneumonia was present, but no evidences of bronchopneumonia. In the cultures
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is of value in the works of Sabouraud and his censors, he has added to
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The largest number of cases attended by one person (a
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2. Follicular Conjunctivitis. — The symptoms of this affection re-
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and render it supple, thus obviating the uncomfortable feeUng of stiffness
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may then be proceeded with. Standing with one's back
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burning eruption appeared in the neighborhood of the
lack of disulfiram-like reaction with metronidazole and ethanol
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at issue, and is no greater than often exists in the blood of different
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although in a few cases there was still little effect. In
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Leibel, Rudolph Laurence. Associate Professor of Clinical
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judge from this there would appear to be much in the current belief
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Gastro-intestinal Complications. Gastro-intestinal complications are
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phia : H. C. Lea. Toronto : Copp, Clark & Co. pp. 730.
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show a slight depression or dark - coloured pigmentation. Infection by
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the urethral canal, brought on by other causes, such as colds, ure-
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to hasten the formation of adhesions, so that you may safely make
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have already incidentally alluded, and respecting the others the statements
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asthenic patients there is more or less considerable stagnation of
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Pursuing this course he has gotten on in the main very well up to the
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intense pain of any kind could be perfectly relieved in from
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literature. In comparison to this lesion, aneurysms of the heart
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covered the x-ray, and the great physicist replied : "Ich spielte
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Dermatology, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel.
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of the pancreas, this latter view being held on account of the general
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